Wrapping The Semester Up

Wow wow wow. Senior year fall semester is over. How in the world did that happen so fast! I only have one semester left as a UF J-School student and I can already tell it’s going to be bittersweet.


I think this was the first semester it all soaked in for me. I truly believe I took full advantage of everything this amazing school has to offer.

 In my opinion, the UF Center for Media Innovation and Research is the reason why this program is so successful. It allows students to come to work at least once a week and the practical experience in the Innovation News Center is unlike anything else. Students direct, produce, report and anchor a live local 5:00 p.m. show everyday. It is so cool to look around the newsroom at my colleagues and know that we are all going to be successful in this industry.


The news world isn’t just TV and of course, the INC isn’t either. There is radio, web, TV and my favorite of all, sports. I have worked three semesters now with WRUF and ESPN Gainesville and I have loved every shift I’ve had. Choosing this route in school is so unlike many others at UF but what I love most about the news world is how every single day is different and unknown. We are assigned to a story the minute we step into the newsroom and no matter what, we get the story done by the time we leave.


The reps anchoring and reporting I have gained are so valuable and I am so thankful for the skills I have learned while taking classes. To finish this semester off I got to work on my first TV feature story and I was so excited when it aired earlier this week. Check it out here!

I cannot say enough about what all this journalism school offers. I know fully well that once I graduate, my experiences here will only benefit me and set me apart when looking for a job.

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