Wrapping The Semester Up

Wow wow wow. Senior year fall semester is over. How in the world did that happen so fast! I only have one semester left as a UF J-School student and I can already tell it’s going to be bittersweet.


I think this was the first semester it all soaked in for me. I truly believe I took full advantage of everything this amazing school has to offer.

 In my opinion, the UF Center for Media Innovation and Research is the reason why this program is so successful. It allows students to come to work at least once a week and the practical experience in the Innovation News Center is unlike anything else. Students direct, produce, report and anchor a live local 5:00 p.m. show everyday. It is so cool to look around the newsroom at my colleagues and know that we are all going to be successful in this industry.


The news world isn’t just TV and of course, the INC isn’t either. There is radio, web, TV and my favorite of all, sports. I have worked three semesters now with WRUF and ESPN Gainesville and I have loved every shift I’ve had. Choosing this route in school is so unlike many others at UF but what I love most about the news world is how every single day is different and unknown. We are assigned to a story the minute we step into the newsroom and no matter what, we get the story done by the time we leave.


The reps anchoring and reporting I have gained are so valuable and I am so thankful for the skills I have learned while taking classes. To finish this semester off I got to work on my first TV feature story and I was so excited when it aired earlier this week. Check it out here!

I cannot say enough about what all this journalism school offers. I know fully well that once I graduate, my experiences here will only benefit me and set me apart when looking for a job.


Click below to see what my classmates have done all semester! They’ve got some great topics to read about.




















The Tipping Point Review

The Tipping Point. One might think of it as the moment someone explodes about something they have been hiding in them. Or it could be the moment when you fill your coffee cup up just a little too much and you walk down a hallway in your house and some of the coffee spills out. When first going to read the book by Malcolm Gladwell, “The Tipping Point” I wondered how it would relate to a college class. Gladwell goes through the book giving examples of how small things can cause pretty large consequences. His idea of what the tipping point looks like is when an idea catches on and then spreads on. One way that the book explains Gladwell’s theories is in three different components. One is the Law of the Few, another is the Stickiness Factor and the last one is the Power of Context.

Three Theories

We’ll start with the Law of the Few. Gladwell explains that this law is basically best explained by this: An idea of something spreads because people in different kinds of groups have similar qualities. No matter what kind of person you are, quiet and reserved, outspoken and forward or have the ability to persuade others to do something, all three of those “types” of people can still agree on things. And when they do, Gladwell explains this is when trends will occur.

Next, we have the Stickiness Factor. Gladwell used the idea of Sesame Street and how it became successful because of one specific lightbulb idea. There are so many different angles and approaches you can take in this growing world of news and journalism. All it takes is one simple lightbulb moment for an idea to stick out to someone. And when we can do this multiple time for multiple people, our ideas will “stick” with people and therefore, spread.

Lastly, the rule of the Power of Context. This one was explained in the book by using the New York crime rate. It wasn’t until New York cleaned up subways and graffiti that the crime rate went down. This idea in my opinion is quite backwards but I can see how it did end up helping the city in the end. They changed the context and then there was success. So many things in this world are taken out of context but maybe if we can change that context, we’ll be able to be more successful in the end.

All in all, the Tipping Point was a very interesting read. At times, it was a little mind blowing seeing how Gladwell’s examples lined up with the ideas and theories he laid out. I have wondered in the age of social media how certain things get a trend. Is it because it’s funny? Is it because it’s just weird? Sometimes I feel like the ones that do stick are just completely random. By reading this book, it has made me wonder even more. Maybe Gladwell does have it somewhat right. I will for sure remember some the ideas in the book the next time I see a trend.

Blogs To Check Out

Alexis Pastore

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 8.39.24 PM.png

Alexis is set to graduate as a Gator in May 2019. For now, she spends her days in the newsroom on campus delivering awesome stories. Pastore has a passion for helping others and it shows in the stories she covers for WUFT. Head over to her blog for real life talks and see what all the advice she gives! You can even read a big transition of hers this semester!

Gabriella Garza

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 8.45.35 PM.png

Gabriella has big dreams. She will graduate from the University of Florida with a degree in Telecommunications- News but she wants to do more than just be a news reporter. Garza is a constant breath of fresh air and she is always willing to help anyone out. One day we could see her directing a movie, writing a book or even starring in a musical.

Justin Ahlum

Justin can always make you laugh. Although I haven’t spent much time working with him, you can always see him eager to work everyday. He is a big fan of sports and even sports anchors for WUFT every few weeks. Justin’s blog is a little different than some of my other colleagues. He writes every week all things hip hop! Hop on over to his blog for more!

Meet My Peers!

Courtney Mims

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 8.28.33 PM.png

A senior at the University of Florida majoring in Telecommunications-News. Mims found her love for sports at a super early age. She has always wanted to be a sports reporter and is always willing to have any sports convo with you! She is graduating in December 2018 and can’t wait to pave her way through the sports world. Courtney works for ESPN Gainesville and spends her nights and weekends filming Gator sports.

Kate Venezio

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 8.28.20 PM.png

Another senior at the University of Florida and she also is graduating in December 2018. Venezio has been both the Gator softball and volleyball beat reporter over the last two years. Every Tuesday you can catch her live on First at Five delivering sport news to North Central Florida residents. Venezio loves sports but is open to entertainment broadcasting as well.

Tyla Martin

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 8.31.04 PM.png

Tyla is a senior at the University of Florida and she plans to graduate in May 2019. She is on the News Program track but has a passion for entertainment news. When Martin first got to UF she was actually a swimmer on the Gators Swimming and Diving Team. Along with being a Gator and spending countless hours in the newsroom, she also loves visiting unique restaurants. She even has an instagram with her friend all about trendy foods!



Bio Time!

If you’ve been to my blog before, you might already know that I am a senior Telecommunications student at The University of Florida. I go by my last name, “Cheney” here in Gainesville and I really love sports.

More specifically, I am a senior on the gymnastics team here at UF and I am on the News track in the Telecommunications major. I have been a gymnast for 16 years and once April of 2019 rolls around, I will no longer be able to label myself as a gymnast. Just typing out that sentence made me sad! It’s crazy that most athletes can continue on with their sport past college, but gymnastics unfortunately is just not one of those. Anyways, enough of the sad stuff!

Along with doing my sport, I have found a huge passion in the sports media world. I get every ESPN notification on my iPhone and Apple watch and I absolutely love being able to report on various kinds of sports. Here at UF we have the opportunity to use and learn in a newsroom right on campus. It is called the Innovation News Center or “INC” for short. I spend four out of five days of the school week in there. My favorite day of the week is Tuesday’s because I get to be the sports anchor and producer for the 5:00 live local news show called, “First at Five.” The show is live every single day from studios in the basement of the INC. I have covered pretty much every Florida Gator sport, local high school sport and have even gotten the opportunity to cover professional and other SEC sports.

I am looking forward to making a career that can involve both my experience in gymnastics and my passion for the media world!

City Rivalry Game

High school regular season football is wrapping up this weekend. The Gainesville High School Hurricanes and the Eastside Rams will end their regular season with a big crosstown rivalry matchup Thursday night at Citizens Field.

Eastside Rams

The Rams are coming off a big second half win last week over Santa Fe High School. Eastside went into halftime down 7-6 and ended up forcing turnovers and making plays to pull off a 32-14 win. Head Coach Ced Daniels said he was proud of the way his team bounced back.

The Rams are 7-2 this season and they’ve consistently put up high scores. Six of their seven wins had final scores over 41 and most notably, their 64-0 blowout win against Central High School. Part of the reason for Eastside’s big wins could be starting quarterback, Anthony Richardson. He has 2,234 total yards this season and he’s thrown 15 touchdowns so far. Richardson is a Junior and the three-star recruit has already verbally committed to The University of Florida for the 2020 season.

Another note about Eastside are their turnovers. Daniels said one of the teams’ goals this season is to break the school’s turnover record. The Rams are already approaching 30 this season. Although this is a big rivalry matchup and their last regular season game, the Rams will get the chance to just relax and play the game. With the new point system for high school playoffs, whether Eastside wins or loses, they already have enough points to qualify them to a playoff game. Daniels says the pressure is now off his team.

Gainesville Hurricanes

On the other side of the field, Gainesville is sitting at a 6-3 record this season. They had two losses back to back not too long ago against Buchholz and Vanguard, but the Hurricanes did bounce back and get two huge wins. A 70-6 win at home against Leesburg and a 63-17 win at South Lake. In the 2017 season, Gainesville came out on top against Eastside, 35-14. If they want to do that again, head coach Patrick Miller said his team needs to follow its game plan.

This game is senior night for Gainesville and it looks like it could be a quarterback battle.

Senior quarterback, Luke Matthews has similar stats to Eastside’s Richardson. Matthews has 2,288 passing yards this season and has 17 touchdowns- just two more than Richardson. The main difference between the two is, Matthews has nine interceptions on the season and Richardson only has three. With Eastside’s ability to force turnovers, the Hurricanes are going to have to protect their ball well.

Game Info

It really could go either way for this big city rivalry game. Since the schools are just down the road from each other, both coaches of course also know each other.

“He knows me and I know him,” said Daniels. “It’s going to be the last man with the marker-hopefully.”

Kickoff for Thursday’s game is set for 7:30 p.m. at Citizens Field.

Amanda Cheney  is a senior at The University of Florida, majoring in Telecommunications- News. 

Week 8 Thursday Night Football

The NFL season is almost halfway completed. Week 8’s Thursday night football game will be the Miami Dolphins at the Houston Texans. This is the first meeting of the teams since 2015. Kickoff is set for 8:20 p.m.

Playing at Home

Playing in primetime for Thursday Night Football means a shorter preparation week. However, the Texans get to be at home this week as they look to add to their four-game win streak. Thursday’s game will be Houston’s second game in a row playing a Florida team. Last week they played in Jacksonville and handed the Jags their fourth loss of the season. The Texans easily beat them 20-7.

One player that will be happy to be back home at NRG Stadium is quarterback, Deshaun Watson. He has been playing through a chest injury for three weeks now that also has prohibited him from flying to games. Watson chose a 12 hour bus ride to Jacksonville to be sure to play in last weeks’ game.

As he prepares for the Dolphins this week, Watson says he is trying to rest up as much as he can and watch as much film as he can before Thursday night. One area he wants to improve in his capitalizing in the red zone.

Watson has passed for 1,937 yards and has recorded eleven touchdowns this season. Houston is 2-1 at home this year and they are sitting at No. 1 in the AFC South.


Last week the Dolphins lost at home to Detroit, 32-21. Thursday’s game will be Miami’s third game without starting quarterback, Ryan Tannehill as he is still out with a shoulder injury. Brock Osweiler will get the start under center for his third game in a row. Osweiler was with the Houston Texans for the 2016 season and when he was asked what it would be like to play against his former team, he said he is treating it like any other game.

The Dolphins had a good start to their season but since Week 3 they’ve been up and down with wins and losses. Miami sits 2nd in the AFC East right behind the Patriots.

Plagued with Injuries

Both teams have a list of injured players going into their Week 8 game.


  • Ryan Tannehill- QB, right shoulder
    • OUT
  • Kenneth Stills- WR, groin
    • OUT
  • Charles Harris-DE, calf
    • OUT
  • Michael Gesicki- TE, shoulder
    • Questionable
  • Alexander Derby- TE, foot
    • Questionable
  • Aaron Colvin- CB, ankle
    • OUT
  • Key’vantanie Coutee- WR, hamstring
    • OUT
  • Zachery Fulton- G, ankle
    • OUT
  • Ryan Griffin- TE, illness
    • OUT
  • Andre Hal- S, shoulder
    • OUT
  • Brian Peters- LB, ankle
    • OUT
  • Shareese Wright- CB, shoulder
    • OUT

What’s Next

Thursday’s primetime game will look to be a battle of which team can stay healthy. With the playoffs on the horizon, both of these teams do still stand a chance for an AFC playoff spot.

Rivalry Week- Florida vs. Georgia

Let’s take a trip back to a year ago when the Florida Gator football team was preparing for Georgia. At the time, Florida was playing under a different head coach, Jim McElwain. The Gators had a meek 3-3 record on the season. Just like any other game week, McElwain started with a Monday press conference. This where things took a turn. He announced during the conference that he was receiving threats, death threats for that matter. It’s pretty safe to say that it caught everyone off guard- perhaps even himself.

The rest of the week, before the game even started, rumors of McElwain leaving Florida flooded the college football world. Once Saturday came around, the Georgia Bulldogs plummeted the Gators 42-7. The embarrassing game led to some major changes for the 2017 Gator team. By Monday morning, Florida Athletic Director, Scott Stricklin announced that McElwain was relieved of his duties. Or if you want to be more politically correct, they decided to “mutually part ways.”

Now fast forward to the present, because it is a much different and better story for the 2018 Gators. Florida is currently ranked No. 9 and they have a 6-1 record going into this weeks’ game against Georgia. The annual rivalry game is in a mutual site. Jacksonville, FL will be the place to be Saturday for all Gator and Bulldog fans.

What a difference a year can make. Saturday afternoon’s game is the only top-ten match up of the weekend. This season for the Gators have had quite the history involved with it. The No. 7 Bulldogs and Florida will take the field in their rivalry game at 3:30 but the fun will start before then as SEC Nation and College Gameday will be at the game.

LA Dodgers Take Lead In NLCS

After hosting three games in Dodger Stadium, the Los Angeles Dodgers now lead the Milwaukee Brewers in the National League Championship Series three games to two. Going into last night’s game the series was tied but now with one win away, the Dodgers could be heading right back to the World Series.

Game Recap

Baseball fans were expecting Clayton Kershaw to start for the Dodgers and Wade Miley to start for the Brewers but both players and fans got someone different. The final score last night was 5-2. Five runs also equaled the total number of pitches Miley threw for Milwaukee. Yes, only five total pitches were thrown before Brewers manager, Craig Counsell marched to the pitching mound.

After the game Counsell said it was his plan all along because he wanted to be sure his team matched up well to the Dodgers.

The Dodgers definitely won last nights’ matchup competition. With one of his worst pitching performances in Game 1 of the series, Kershaw put that aside and delivered one of his best this season. He didn’t allow a single Milwaukee baserunner after the third inning and only allowed one run on three hits through seven innings.

It wasn’t until the fifth when LA fans got out of their seats to cheer with their blue towels. The Dodgers settled in scoring five runs over the fifth, sixth and seventh inning. LA third baseman, Justin Turner said the team has talked about this moment and getting to the world series since spring training.

On the other side of things, although Milwaukee was the first to get on the board, they struggled to put together enough runs in Game 5. After back-to-back doubles in the ninth, the Brewers looked like they might have found a new breath. But with only one extra run scored, the game ended quickly after.

Even after last night’s loss, Milwaukee manager Craig Counsell still thinks his team is in a good spot.

Next in Game 6

Up next, the two teams will have a deserved day off before playing in Game 6. Los Angeles will now leave Dodger Stadium and they will have two chances to win just one more game to secure a trip back to the World Series.

And on the other hand, the Brewers will rely on home field advantage at Miller Stadium to try to pick up two more wins. If Milwaukee can pull it off, they will be heading to the World Series for the first time since 1982.

First pitch at Miller Stadium on Friday is scheduled for 8:39 p.m.